B&W DM309 Floor standing speakers

If you get in the official site of "B&W Loudspeakers" company, you will find out that the popular "300th" series of inexpensive speaker system is presented by only shelf speaker systems, central channel and subwoofer. But since 2001 also a floor model has produced, which externally looks like DM303 - the winner of EISA. There is the same branded tweeter with a metallic dome and "tubular" reverse camera (like in top B&W Nautilus systems). Midrange is with the same 175mm fiberglass diffuser. The only difference is that there are two midranges in floor speaker systems, structurally the systems have become a 2.5-way and there is another Flowport bass-reflex on the back wall.

"303th" gained a reputation of the system with very accurate and somatic (for its price) sound stage and not colored by sound in the midrange. Small problems were only with dynamics at low and high frequencies. Was a half band useful? Yes, of course. Bass has become more energetic. DM309, keeping the advantages of compact monitors, starts to sound more confident at tops and now impresses by ideal purity even at high volume. Unfortunately, the overall musical balance has changed too - it become colder, with a touch of rigidity.

B&W DM309 Floor standing speakers photo