B&W DM604 S2 Floor standing speakers

Testing DM604 S2, we fill a gap in our knowledge about floor speaker systems of DM S2 series. DM604 S2, matching by the body's height and width DM605 S2, is the main floor system of the line. The British Bower&Wilkins densely fills price segments of the market of speaker systems. Like in all systems of the series many of the latest achievements of the company are embodied in 604 S2: "Nautilus" tweeter, the upgraded sun color Kevlar diffuser of midrange, a paper woofer's membrane with gorgeous dustproof cap, reinforced by Kevlar. The cap is directly connected with sound coil - useful measure to save stiffness of moving system at large amplitudes.

Acoustic impression from the system seems to be in full compliance with optical one: the sound is large and fundamental. Dense and powerful bass, saturating the sound of any music styles even without dropping in ultralow depths, sets the main tone. Despite of somewhat sloth-like pace of low frequency motions, the sound of DM604 S2 is complete, as if presented as a single layer that provides effective, large-scale interpretation of space's image. Musical stage is "wide-format", with clear differentiation of the plans in depth and with good resolution in front. The upper case is calmly dry, but quite detailed and very clean. Tonal resolution and sensitivity to tonal nuances is on adequately high level. However, at the increasing of volume the detailing of mid frequencies reduces. Exactly due to this reason, listening to intentional musical compositions, you shouldn't commit a very considerable energetic reserve of the system.

DM604 S2 is a reliable, quiet "fundamentalist". The system perfectly plays rock and symphonic classic. Big sound of 604th should not be tied by the frames of small volumes.

B&W DM604 S2 Floor standing speakers photo