B&W DM305 Floor standing speakers

The British B&W has been producing a well-established series of DM acoustics not for the first year. We will note that B&W like the most of companies, even generally reproducing developed earlier technologies, reserves the right to improve the product, actively living on the market. But at least outwardly the system hasn't undergone any significant changes. The rear panel made of acoustically viscous plastic is molded in such way that wedge-shaped structure is formed inside, which increases the efficiency of energy absorption of spurious standing waves. Paper cone of the woofer is also profiled in a special way. Slit-type output of the resonator on the faceplate and the classic cylindrical one on the rear panel are connected with total volume of the loudspeaker. The area of heads' mounting is reinforced by bars. There are two pairs of terminals, spikes are attached.

A lot impresses in the advantages of DM, but probably a perfect bunch of mid-top aspect earns the warmest words. The system easily copes with the dynamics of orchestral themes, clearly draws out the most difficult and subtle patterns; the atmosphere of concert hall is clearly felt. A high quality of long-suffering violin sound's transmission is a very serious argument in favor of the tweeter, which supports the image in cleanness up to very high volume levels. The system manages to deliver the nature of vocals to a listener in a good fullness. The bass of DM305 is correct, a bit dry, has a good depth. The wish to weight the low-frequency foundation appears only at playing harsh rock. In the end, live and full picture is formed almost in any musical material. There is no need to orient the speakers strictly to the listener - the stereo zone is quite wide. However, the space, creating by the acoustic pair, has relatively low resolution in depth: the scene seems to be a bit flat.

The system has no explicit genre priorities: both strict fan of classics and rock music fan will be satisfied by sound quality. The extraordinary appearance of DM305 will definitely find its admirer.

B&W DM305 Floor standing speakers photo