Dynaudio DM 3/7 Floor standing speakers

Meeting the needs of wide masses of lovers of high-quality sound, the Danish engineers have produced a budget by their standards speaker system of DM series, one of the representatives of which we will get acquainted with. DM 3/7 is the result of thorough calculation of all elements of the construction and the branded drivers, which are two 17-cm woofers made of MSP composite and 28-mm tweeter, are used as basis. The tweeter is equipped with a textile dome, aluminum sound coil with liquid cooling and magnetic system of the increased power. To fight against side tones the drivers are mounted on the faceplate, made of the very thick 25-mm MDF plate, and there is the system of struts inside, which increases overall rigidity. Crossover filter consists of highest quality elements and traditionally for Danes does not provide connection to an amp by two-wire method.

Dynaudio DM 3/7 are strong in many important aspects of the playback: timbral accuracy, sound resolution and linearity in voice spectrum. Advanced dynamics is very impressive. Top, on the contrary, despite of the abundance of details, is sometimes perceived slightly muted, not very sharp. There are certain nuances in terms of playing low frequencies: loudspeaker produces confident powerful basses, but nevertheless you want more richness of colors in it. The stage is built quite long in depth, with correct proportions, the images are confidently focused around the perimeter of sound space.

Dynaudio DM 3/7 Floor standing speakers photo