Dynaudio Audience 62 Floor standing speakers

In the most numerous Audience series of Dynaudio company the model 62 takes the place of the smallest floor speaker system. Natural veneer finish with polishing pleases the eye. The front panel and podium are painted into silver-grey color. Mounting rings of the speakers are painted in the slightly lighter color. On the top of the front panel there is a 28-mm tweeter with a soft dome. Wires, going to the tweeter's coil, are traditionally (for Dynaudio) put in the window. A 170-mm MF/LF speaker is equipped with the diffuser made of special polymer. A small bass-reflex port is put forward. Speakers and the bass-reflex are closed by dark grey grill, fitting well into any design. It is curiously that there is the possibility to install the grill on the back wall (perhaps, for not losing it). It is interesting that the designers decided to have only two small screw terminals. There is a 10-mm air gap between podium and the body, which improves the acoustic isolation with the floor.

Sound. The central point in Hi-Fi is that the audio component should keep absolute neutrality in relation to the reproduced recordings. Dynaudio Audience 62, I suppose, most fully meets this requirement among the competitors. There are an ideally smooth tonal balance, equal sound speed in all registers, accurate stratification of the image's elements, excellent dynamics, covering micro-amplitude area. Sound manners are high trained - acoustic optics of the Danish pair doesn't give gaps. This is really an instrumental sound. In comparison with some competitors in the test the musical stage of Audience 62 is less deep. The other side of the coin is that some listeners will find such sound a bid cerebral, a little dry.

Dynaudio Audience 62 Floor standing speakers photo