Dynaudio Focus 360 Floor standing speakers

The appearance of model 360 in Focus series is, obviously, caused by the company's desire to produce the system, which will be able to plat bass in full range, from the lowest frequencies. a pair of 20-cm drivers with unusual construction is responsible for this - relatively lightweight diffuser made of polymer with ceramic additives, big sound coil, internal magnetic system. The range from 400 to 2200 Hz is played by quite compact MF driver, which is placed into an isolated compartment. The range higher is reproduced by a silk Esotar2 tweeter - the same are used in the models of elder Contour and Confidence lines. By the way, the modernized Esotec+ drivers and tweeters, made on the base of the legendary D280, are installed in all loudspeakers of Focus series.

Crossover filters are the simplest, of the first order. Dynaudio always tries to use exactly these crossovers, because they do not introduce phase distortions.

And here is another nuance. We got already properly warmed-up loudspeakers for testing and their entrance turned out to be very spectacular. From the first sound attack it became clear who is "Tsar Cannon" here. Dynamics is fabulous. The power of drums, their speed, tonal color of overhangs are reproduced so naturally that skin of even the most discerning audiophiles crawls. The lower band is perfectly coordinated with the midrange. Virtual images are clear, bass lines are deprived of looseness and all resonances of the body and bass-reflex are so weak that "live" in such a low range that it's hard to even notice them. Dynaudio Focus 360 differs by wide band in the bottom - from 30 Hz they sound linearly and energetically. Many things, of course, will depend on an amplifier - if it has a highly capacitive woofer and is able to control high loading, you will never have claims to dynamics and the quality of bass.

But on the opposite end of the frequency range there is a disturbing nonlinearity. In the upper case, especially at the junction of MF/HF bands, Dynaudio Focus 360 very noticeably emphasizes noise HF components. It doesn't come to aggression, airiness and intelligibility is exceptional, but voice sibilants are not quite natural. The reason is in the placement of tweeter - sitting in the usual armchair, the listener is below the axis of radiation. When you sit 20 centimeters higher, everything falls into places. Coloring at HF became minimal, the atmosphere of concert hall and nuances of the recording appeared more vividly and we got the full presence effect.

Dynaudio Focus 360 Floor standing speakers photo