Dynaudio Excite X38 Floor standing speakers

A popular line of home systems Dynaudio by series Excite was completely updated - from this fall instead of the models X22 Center, X12, X32 and X36 the company enters production of improved versions X24 Center, X14, X34 and X38. The first in our editorial appeared the flagships of the new line - three-way X38.

So the life cycle of relatively inexpensive but very impressive models Dynaudio Excite X36 came to an end about what I think with a slight regret. After all, the Danes managed to make really good speakers at available price category.

If you put both models close with each other you will notice that there is not so much in common between them. X38 looks more impressive - they added a couple of centimeters to the depth, three cm in width and height. Now the systems are completed with cast from durable and lightweight alloy legs, which give to high bodies a validity and reliability in installation. Each bearing got screwed to the base by two screws and is equipped with elastic antiresonance "snout" made of the rubber and threaded hole for the dowel.

Finish of the front side changed too. The whole foreside of the speaker is decorated with natural veneer like in other more expensive models of Dynaudio. Now the dustproof cloth grills are mounted differently. Hidden magnetic latches are used instead of primitive plastic clips. They don't spoil the appearance of the speakers, provide easy installation and eliminate any possibility of rattles and squeaks.

Internal changes are also quite important. In Excite X38 a midrange inverter of larger diameter is installed, low-frequency heads are used. They look similar by construction: 18-centemeter diffusors, pressed by firmed technology of magnesium silicate MSP polymer, 75 mm voice coils, wound with aluminum cable, the inner magnetic system is made of neodymium alloy, cast reinforced basket... But the developers assure that new heads have much higher bass and dynamic potential. After all, people often buy three-way speakers for sounding of big rooms and "power factor" comes to the fore.

Excite X38 can't be reproached in the lack of bass. Even cool speakers, just taken out of the box, showed real combatant character. Bottom end was so killer that distracted at listening of all the rest. We had to put acoustics on intense workout and return to them after few days. On a good note Dynaudio need to warm for weeks and even months; on my own experience I know how long and reluctantly they enter proper form.

After warming up aggressive tint on HF, which was noticeable on cold speaker systems, almost come to ought. Upper range was enlightened and purified. A branded sound style of famous soft-dome Dynaudio tweeters became audible: extremely delineated in the field of metallic descant, but at the same time soft, rich in a higher range specter and again unobtrusive. I will note that in this band Excite X38 doesn't have problems with dynamics. You can boost the volume obscenely but sound will still keep the purity. Trebles need only those delicate nuances, which expensive Dynaudio models are famous for. The high-frequency "signature" though turns out to be rich in details, but still a little simplistic.

But good spatial showings didn't even surprise me. In all aspects relating to the construction of stereo image the previous models were strong too. Here is an open and not squeezed on the flanks panorama with a great perspective. Total acoustic atmosphere is played very impressive. Both forward and deleted plans are read easily. All apparent scale sources are adequate by its live stage analogues. In short, there is something to show.

Dynaudio Excite X38 Floor standing speakers photo