Dynaudio Audience 82 Floor standing speakers

Dynaudio Audience 82, the flagship model in the Audience series, is a classical three-way construction, designed to provide the fullest reflection of the whole frequency range, including penetration into the depths of the bass.

The pair of speakers differs by the perfect natural cherry veneer finish of the cabinet, due to which it has a similarity with expensive furniture. The front panel, like in all speaker systems of this series, has a two-layered structure, which allows to significantly increase its rigidity. The big bass reflex port looks forward, potentially reducing the influence of a room's back wall on the quality of bass. By the way as for bass - it must be really heroic in Dynaudio Audience 82 because each speaker system is equipped with two low-frequency heads with 200-mm diffusers. Mids are sounded by the separate 150-mm head and the classical tweeter Esotec with the diameter of 28 mm (perhaps, one of the most successful and popular developments of the company in the area of dynamic heads) is responsible for HF-range.

Like in the other floor models of the company, the removable dustproof grill can be mounted on the back wall. The only pair of connectors for acoustic cable is placed at the very bottom of the cabinet, near the stand, to which spikes are attached.

Dynaudio Audience 82 really has a remarkable talent to sound the most complex bass parts - rhythm section in the songs of Gary Moore enters powerfully and confidently. Great macrodynamics is darkened by a bit less than in 72-th model intelligibility in the middle bass. Subjectively the acoustics plays "slower" - apparently, the impulse response is worse. As the previous speaer systems, Dynaudio Audience 82 require a good current from an amplifier, otherwise you unlikely can feel all richness of its sound.

Transparent and light tone of the piano and also velvet voice of Michel Sardou make the skin of the listener get goosebumps. I note once again a brilliant macrodynamics, fully coming out at the entering of accompanying orchestra.

Dynaudio Audience 82 plays the vocal of Candice Night from Blackmore's Night smoothly and comfortably - her voice calloused only at very high volume that should be admitted as a good result. Correct combination of attack and tone allow the speaker systems to transfer the timbre of acoustic instruments quite accurately. Due to the good bass the kick of Japanese drum is felt by the whole body and the furniture vibrates from its fading boom.

Not the fastest reaction appears on classical music - the sound of violin needs a bit more speed and flight.

In addition, speaking about the timbre, Audience 72 SE transfers it clearly better - the violin of David Oistrakh looks much richer in its performance. However, I should admit that Dynaudio Audience 82 shows almost ideal tone balance and also can play very (an even very-very) loud without any distortion.

I must say that it is almost impossible to make claims to the sound of Dynaudio Audience 82. Any oversights - for example, a lack of lightness in the sound - are identified by direct comparison with the more "advanced" model - Dynaudio Audience 72 SE.

Dynaudio Audience 82 Floor standing speakers photo