Canton Karat 790.2 DC Floor standing speakers

Canton Karat 790.2 DC speaker systems differ not only by considerable weight, but also impressive construction. The bodies have increased depth and LF-head with a 10-inch diffuser is installed on the side edge. It is pressed from the cellulose and reinforced with the fibers of graphite to increase rigidity. The assembly of three heads plays the rest of the working band. There is a symmetrically installed pair of 16-cm aluminum drivers and one-inch domical tweeter. Like in many older Canton models, its dome is made of aluminum alloy with magnesium and has ultra-low weight.

The speaker systems are characterized by compelling dynamics with effective contrasts, fast attack and energetically full sound in general. At the same time they are able to create a huge sound pressure with minimal to ear distortions. Tonal balance seems to be quite linear; a slight priority of the upper band rarely attracts attention. Irregularities are not also seen at the border of the middle and upper ranges, but jointing with lower driver is not so perfect - sometimes low-frequency case as if "detaches" from the rest of the spectrum. In this case the sound of Karat 790.2 DC can remind the work of 2.1 system with a huge external subwoofer.

The sound stage is built with clear deep perspective and extremely accurate in terms of scale. There were no serious claims to the localization of sources, but imaginary images are located especially precise in the central part of sound stage.

Canton Karat 790.2 DC Floor standing speakers photo