Canton Ergo 72 DC Floor standing speakers

Harmonious, calm, noble appearance of the German Ergo 72 DC with a black velvet cover of the front panel, successfully shading the silver sheen of the dome of the high-frequency head, immediately disposes, inspires confidence. Metal decorative grilles here perform a very important function of protecting the loudspeaker membranes, not nominally, but essentially. From the very first chords relayed by the system, a very solid and at the same time unusually deep bass for speakers of such dimensions immediately attracted attention. An unexpected surprise was the revealed deep power of drums on almost all the rock compositions I listened to. For the sake of such an occasion, the system was immediately tested by recording the soundtrack to the film "Jurassic Park".

The scale of the threat of being crushed by something very large and prehistoric, surging from the rather modest size of the speakers, corresponded to the effect usually achieved only with the help of a good subwoofer. The resulting depths are evidenced by the emerging distinct sensation of sound pressure pulsations no longer perceived by the auditory analyzer in the area of the diaphragm.

At the same time, the fine structure of the bass, which manifests itself in complex pieces of music, allows us to speak of perhaps the best achievement in the test group in a number of different ways. Thus, we are dealing with a very rare combination of good depth and correct transmission of the low-frequency aspect. On the solid foundation of the bass, a strong building of mid frequencies grows, allowing you to reveal both the juicy fullness of the symphony orchestra and the exquisite beauty of the human voice. Wind instruments rip open the space of the listening room, as if the signal did not overcome the painful electro-acoustic transformation, but was born right there, in the elastic air flow of a virtual instrument. High-flown style is less appropriate when talking about high frequencies. However, there are no appreciable grounds for critical emphases. The relevant details are not transmitted without loss, but in sufficient detail. There is air in the image, but you can also pay attention to the selection of hissing and "poking" sounds. These features do not violate the integrity of the essentially positive impression, and, perhaps, they are the salt without which red caviar is not food. The totality of the system's properties ensures the excellent quality of the image of the stage space and the credibility of the effect of presence. When trying to determine the circle of potential adherents of the pictorial manner of Ergo 72 DC, it seems that almost any audiophile will be able to discover in it something close to his auditory worldview. For supporters of the most correct sound transmission, we note the importance of a solid space for listening to the system and the usefulness of good sound absorption.

Canton Ergo 72 DC Floor standing speakers photo