Wharfedale Pacific Evo-40 Floor standing speakers

The modified Pacific series is called Evolution or EVO for short. In the new system, the configuration of the frequency bands has been changed - one of the pair of Kevlar cones reproduces only bass (up to 150 Hz). Attached "corner" on the top panel, the tweeter is made on a compact neodymium magnet. Now the tweeter is rigidly fixed and does not rotate horizontally (as in the first Pacific models). The universal contact group is made in an original and very convenient way, solid large terminals are electrically insulated. Inside the hull tapering towards the rear there are vertical cruciform struts, naturally working on its rigidity. The hull is relatively light, but densely muffled by the absorber mats. The decoration used natural tinted veneer. Large spikes are screwed into the stand (it is attached to the base through a thin MDF gasket).

The sound of the system is perceived as large-scale and well balanced. Features of the structure of the frequency response (the role of bass is important) do not have the expected effect on the tonal system - probably due to the good quality of the EVO-40 bass. The bass is rich and clear. In a tonal sense, musical events are transmitted almost without coloration, the contours of percussive sounds are outlined, and at the same time, the sound is not devoid of comfortable softness. On the other hand, the exaggeration of small sound details sometimes conflicts with the neighboring bass. Its formidable manifestations make themselves felt by lowering the transparency of mid frequencies (especially at low volume). But it is the excellent bass that gives the feeling of extraordinary symphonic dynamics. If the volume control is turned clockwise, then the sound "grows" to a serious scale, and low-frequency impulses begin to beat naturally into the diaphragm! The large, detailed space of the close-up scene effectively surrounds from the flanks - there is nowhere to go. However, some overlap is also noted in parallel: harsh shades appear on the forte at high frequencies (pipe). At quiet and medium volume, the speakers play cleaner, but not as naturalistic.

The EVO-40s have a record deep bass of excellent quality, and this alone is a serious argument in favor of the system. Symphonic or rock recording is her element. It is better if the volume of the room is larger, and the upholstered furniture in it is smaller. With theater fronts based on the EVO-40, you won't need a subwoofer for very long.

Wharfedale Pacific Evo-40 Floor standing speakers photo