Yamaha NS-M525 Bookshelf speakers

Neatly assembeled two-way NS-M525 monitors immediately give charge of positive emotions. Each element of the construction is carefully made, there are no gaps or any signs of simplification of the technological process. High-quality drivers are used here: aluminum tweeter with an inch dome and 13-cm woofer made of the patented PMD polymer. Grill is mounted with a help of magnets and strictly fit the allotted slots.

Sound of NS-M525 speaker systems differs by energetic character, straight off revealing a lot of nuances in the middle and upper band. However, the price for this is an excessive brightness. The shift of tonal balance upward occurs also because of modest low-frequency abilities of the system, which make the sound a bit lightweight. The scene has slightly limited scale.

Yamaha NS-M525 Bookshelf speakers photo