Yamaha NS-B500 Bookshelf speakers

Yamaha NS-B500 loudspeakers have the original design of a closed case that resembles a truncated pyramid with smooth angles. According to the company's engineers, such a solution guarantees the most reliable sound without side-tones at any volume. The loudspeaker uses drivers, analogues of which can be found even in the top Yamaha models.

For example, the tweeter membrane is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy, therefore it is characterized by ultra-low weight with very high rigidity. And the patented DC-Diaphragm technology, the essence of which lies in the fact that the voice coil frame and the tweeter dome are a single unit, contributes to a more even sound in a wide frequency range. The woofer diffuser is made of the branded white composite A-PMD and is mounted on an ingenious suspension made of monolithic rubber. In conjunction with a powerful magnetic system, this can significantly reduce nonlinear distortion at medium and low frequencies.

Yamaha NS-B500 make no pretense to play deep bass, but in this working band they behave simply exemplary. Among the main advantages there are amazingly natural high frequencies and the correct middle. The sound resolution is extremely high - even the smallest phonogram details are easily heard. Surprisingly, the loudspeakers continue to sound clear even at significant volumes. The space is formed extremely accurately and is well built in depth. The impressive scale of scene and the precise positioning of imaginary sources in it pleased most notably.

Yamaha NS-B500 Bookshelf speakers photo