Yamaha Soavo 2 Bookshelf speakers

Two-way speakers Yamaha Soavo 2 are made in unusual body, which has no parallel walls, and on the patented self-engineered drivers. These are a 30-mm tweeter with an aluminum dome, mounted on anti-resonant metallic base, and 16-cm woofer made of complex PMD composite. Acoustic design is the back bass-reflex.

On the back wall of each you can find two pairs of gilt spring terminals, so switching schemes like bi-wiring and bi-amping are possible here. Four variants of natural veneer finish are at option, the quality of which is brilliant.

Sound qualities of Yamaha Soavo 2 really cut the mustard. Firstly, the ability of the system to sound extremely carefully and informatively middle and upper range, the resolution in which is incredibly high, sweetens. Music performed by Soavo 2 sounds emotionally rich and tonally correct, regardless of genre of instrumental palette.

Clarity and high information content is traced at almost any volume level, compression is not felt even near its maximal meanings. You should be very careful with bass, the quality of which depends directly on the conditions of installation. Some distance of the system from walls contributes to better transfer of its relief and almost completely eliminates buzzing side tones, which you can defeat absolutely by plugging the bass-reflex with the attached foam plug. It must be dome also for a certain alignment of tonal balance, which is slightly shifted down when the port is open. Dynamical showings and impulse response of speakers are quite natural for its sizes.

Speakers build the sound stage greatly. Virtual images are localized very accurately and have quite adequate scale.

Yamaha Soavo 2 Bookshelf speakers photo