Yamaha NS-7900 Bookshelf speakers

The series 7900 includes floor standing speaker systems NS-7900, small shelf NS-P7900 and the central channel NS-P7900 (Center). Subwoofer is not included in the series, perhaps, with an eye to quite low bass of NS-7900 (32 Hz by passport).

Despite of three drivers, NS-7900 is a two-way system. Bass-reflex port is disguised as a simple hole in back wall with added from inside short tube. A dome of 25-mm (1") tweeter is made of soft textile. Two similar 160-mm (6") drivers answer for mid- and low-frequency ranges. The designers decided to get by with only one pair of standard terminals that is quite reasonably for such class of systems. The body is connected with podium by pretty gilt legs. For stability metallic plates are screwed into the podium's bottom, on which you can stick rubber washers, also included in the package.

Sound. Yamaha pair plays very very nice. The systems just shed light, energize, excite. Against the background of competitors Yamaha distinguishes by excellent dynamics, high energy of sound, tonal smoothness. The model perfectly conveys any music; during the listening we have often thought that such sound costs more. The speaker system is interesting for listening in quiet, background mode and quite loudly: sound always keeps form perfectly. The main advantage of this system is chic bass: it is elastic, clear, detailed and very movable, subjectively quite deep. Yamaha plays airy, music stage is large, clear in depth, interesting by spatial plot. Model is slightly inferior to its competitors by the possibility to show tone paints. We recommend you to pay attention to this model of Yamaha.

Yamaha NS-7900 Bookshelf speakers photo