Yamaha HS7 Bookshelf speakers

Initially, HS series contained two models - HS8 and HS5 (the digit means the size of MF/LF-speaker in inches). However, meeting the needs of listeners, the company has developed and added to the series an intermediate model - HS7 with the woofer with of 6.5 inches in the diameter, and also began to produce HS speaker systems with white finish. Models are assembled in the bodies made of MDF plates. New high-efficient tweeter is in the horn of increased thickness for protection against vibrations. The tweeter is designed for playing of frequency range, extended to 30 kHz. MF/LF-woofer is equipped with carefully selected high power magnets, so it has increased sensitivity. Magnetic system is optimized for linear return of the speaker. Each speaker is activated by its own amplifier. HS7 uses the amp with the power of 60 W for MF/LF-band and 35 W - for HF-band. Radiator on the back wall of the body hints at using analog power amplifiers here, still not yielding the positions, where sound quality is essential. The use of active crossovers helps to achieve maximally linear amplitude and phase characteristics. There are only two inputs and both are balanced: XLR and TRS-jack of 6.3 mm. Such connectors are not usually used in inexpensive, home equipment and in this case you have to use adapters. All models of HS series are sold apiece like the most of professional monitors. That's why range of uses of speaker systems is vcery wide - from mono system to the most extended version of home theatre. Subwoofer is also included in HS line. However, monitors are not designed to sound big spaces. They provide the best and maximally accurate sound only in close vicinity to a listener.

HS7 give music material in absolutely neutral way. Timbres of the instruments sound so naturally that you just forgot about the speaker systems. Effect of compression is not felt at all, even on the contrary, it seems that expander has worked for a little. This is expressed in very neat transfer of the smallest accents, music intonations. Formed musical image is unified, complete. All details are strictly on their places, there is no their abundance or need. Bass is surprisingly deep and organized for shelf system. Speed and power are enough for even exacting modern music.

Yamaha HS7 Bookshelf speakers photo