Polk Audio RT800i Floor standing speakers

Home theatre is gradually forcing out Hi-Fi from the market. However, some companies manage to keep in step with theatrical progress and at the same time not to offend audiophiles. The speaker systems RT800i, developed by the American company Polk Audio, have extraordinary musical abilities and in addition can play, for example, noise of explosion or aircraft engine's roar.

Polk Audio RT800i is the floor speaker systems with two 15-cm woofers, made by the branded technology - Dynamic Balance. This means that at the stage of modeling developmental prototypes are scanned by a laser beam for detecting of zones with maximum amplitude of standing waves and after this steps to eliminate them are taken. The diffusers are made of complex composite on the basis of polypropylene with low specific weight and improved mechanical characteristics. This helped to reduce a resonant frequency and increase feedback at significantly lower distortion. A new material has a characteristic blue tinge, so you won't confuse the acoustics of RTi series with any other. The branded bass reflex, patented under the name of Power Port, is directed down. There is an acoustic diffuser under it, which is also the foundation of the speaker system where the spikes are threaded. Such acoustic lens makes a sound field be circular, providing more uniform propagation of the wave in a room. One more branded acoustic device - Acoustic Resonance Control - is used for improving of playing the middle, i.e. a small additional bass reflex, leveling a frequency response in the mid-range. The tweeters were improved too. Trilaminat, i.e. a kind of sandwich with quite a complex structure, is used for the production of their domes. Several micron layers of stainless steel and aluminum are sprayed on the polymer basis in vacuum. Such membrane weights almost nothing, but has high mechanic strength and works effectively on the highest frequencies of sound range. Two pairs of universal gilt terminals, providing bi-wiring and bi-amping schemes, are used for the connection of Polk Audio RT800i to an amplifier. The speaker systems are magnetically shielded, so they won't give colored stains on the TV screen even at installing in the presence from it. Also, it is an important fact that bodies of the new series are finished only by natural veneer under an oak, cherry or maple. However, "black vinyl" is provided for conservatives.

Polk Audio RT800i Floor standing speakers photo