Floor standing speakers Celestion C3

C3 - the third and most powerful system C Series British Celestion. Smaller line representatives - Bookshelf C1 and floor C2 - left a very good impression. Recall that all housing made of aluminum with three-millimeter thick - it comes with screws fastened the back-side portion and the top cover. The front panel is the same - of 16-mm plates MDF. Internal volume is divided into two parts, medium drawer is filled with mineral absorber. Removable rack column is made of lightweight durable plastic which is mounted an unusual contact group. Of the five elongated in the line of the bottom two bits are not magnetic systems - are passive radiators. At low and medium frequency shelving filter system costs (6 dB per octave), the frequency response of the RF filter head "abruptly" - 12 dB/octave.

Cornerstone Celestion C3 style is surprisingly effective for small, in fact, the bass speakers. It is well developed, resilient and quite clean - work cohesively all four low-frequency membrane. As rock'n'roll, and the symphonic classics system seems to invite all to enjoy the ups and downs bass. Some in this sense "deliberateness" not spoil the experience a good overall balance of the sound image. The extremely small and comfortable volume levels are very good midrange. When the amplitude of the signal there is a feeling of some low-frequency isolation aspect, the image resolution is reduced choirs, the sound gets a little harsh tone. The system is very tactfully delivers high-frequency content of the register, sometimes it seems that there is even a little modest in paints. But in general, can be considered high neutral, natural - tonal pattern of acoustic instruments well recognizable. Space spectacular, well detailed, with a clear depth. Celestion C3 to the end of the natural highlights, plastic reverberation rooms.

These elegant tower - a great example of soft floorstanding speaker. Well played all kinds of music, but especially impressively turns her performance game small instrumental ensembles. Desirable to place the speakers in the room roomier.

Celestion C3 Floor standing speakers photo