Floor standing speakers Castle Harlech S2

Face and body carefully smoothed transitions, panache natural veneer inset highlights on the top panel, made of solid wood already. Well it is very beautiful. Castle Harlech S2 - one of the two systems have undergone another modification to the quarter-wave resonator. Even better was the look of the speakers. Conversion touched and electric filling. Filter here - a special case. Huge audiophile "banks" exact capacitors, massive inductor air core precision resistors - all done to the highest canons. One of the drivers with woven carbon fiber diffuser mounted on the top panel and covered with personalized decorative mask, but both united emit the same frequency band. Dome tweeter with a large membrane typical Castle slightly shifted to the edge of the front panel. Acoustic design of mixed type - maze and bass reflex: the body is divided by a vertical partition (plus two spacers) on the bottom of the two connecting volume, exit at the bottom. Due to four washers between the bottom of the column and the stand formed the necessary clearance.

In Harlech S2 generated images easily get high fidelity with vivid originality, colorful emotion. In chamber chiseled sound system is resilient and seems focused to the limit. Outdoor measurements on the bass is not very deep, but structurally perfect. Would like to mention a rare richness smallest detail just selected treble their excellent clarity. It is in this context, I want to talk about the uniqueness performing style Harlech. Very natural sound live instruments. The degree of tonal resolution - one of the highest in the test, that uniquely identifies the sample piano. Within the chamber forms no problems with macrodynamics noted. As for the study barely audible parts, completeness musical phrases, the system here has few peers in the test collection. Acoustics well withstands high volume levels, although with a bit of clarity falls.

Castle Harlech S2 - a very successful kind of refined, chamber floor speakers. Very good for the connoisseurs of sound, quite consciously uselessness of much bass acoustics in small rooms and not experiencing cravings for excessive volume levels.

Castle Harlech S2 Floor standing speakers photo