Castle Knight 4 Floor standing speakers

A smart acoustic design, which the manufacturer calls Twin-Pipe Technology (TPT), is used in speaker systems Castle Knight 4. In fact, it is a maze with the outlet on the bottom plane of the body. Therefore, the special space plates, providing a necessary clearance between the bottom part of the speaker system and decorative base, are set for its effective working. As in other models of the Knight line inch tweeter with a light, fabric dome, branded midbass heads with a diameter of 130 mm and cone made of durable carbon fiber is used in "four". Englishmen paid a special attention to the crossover. Its scheme is phase-linear with maximum, and for getting the ultimate sound result each speaker is equipped by a pair of gilt screw terminals for two-cable commutation with the amplifier.

Lots of positive moments were found out in the sound of floor Knight 4. First of all, I was very pleased with the quality of high range transmission. The tweeter distinguishes by high detailing and lack of aggression, albeit overly emphasizing its range sometimes. I liked vocal too - the voices are transmitted with the details, correct tones and not apparent depth. Dynamic showings impress too, but at the same time the speakers don't like very high volume - audible compression is possible and sound space reduces to very small sizes. At a sufficient depth bass deserves special praise for the correctness, although sometimes a slight simplification of complex rhythmic structures are noticeable.

Castle Knight 4 Floor standing speakers photo