Castle Severn 2 Floor standing speakers

The speakers of the famous British company, as a rule, are distinguished by outstanding, refined design, and the charming Severn 2 is no exception to this rule. The beautiful quality of the lacquered wood veneer finish immediately distinguishes the system from the rest of the competition, the appearance of each of which is not at all mediocre. As for the sound, we can talk about a trademark tradition that has earned the popularity of the company's products in wide circles of demanding audiophiles. Severn 2 demonstrated a perfectly balanced sound practically on any musical material starting from frequency-rich and dynamically rich orchestral works up to simple compositions in spectral sense.

Correct mids had no tendency to embellish the sound, were attentive to their duties, distinguished by sufficient detail, which, in particular, contributed to the complete transfer of the theme of the string instruments. It was largely thanks to the bright in its correctness middle frequencies that the vocal parts in Severn 2's interpretation turned out especially expressive and emotionally full. Not the least of the factors in creating a coherent and expressive musical image was a well-thought-out, weighted strategy of upper frequencies. It seemed that the openwork graphics of the overtonal details were made with a sharply honed pencil in the master's hand, whose movements were light, effortless and at the same time exceptionally precise. The impression of a well-balanced image was not contradicted by the impression of a slight shift in coloration in the area of cool tones, which has a kind of refreshing effect. The shallow bass is characterized by excellent dynamics. At both high and low volume levels, the sound had a solid footing. The coloring of the double bass, of course, has brightened up a bit, but the system's careful rendering of the "prickly" fronts allows us to preserve very important details, the most characteristic features of the instrument's sonic image. The result is a magnificent portrait likeness. Perhaps here it is even appropriate to speak of the advantage of the pictorial image over the photographic one. The latter association arose from an understanding of the degree of hopelessness of the attempt to accurately portray real, truly deep sound in the conditions of a real room. For the Severn 2, on the other hand, slightly and predictably brightening the image, the modest size of the listening room is absolutely uncritical. Almost any reasonably sized room will be able to create a convincing presence effect. It seems that for many serious connoisseurs and lovers of the classics, not depriving themselves of the pleasure of visiting concert halls, the system will be an excellent option for home acoustics, especially since the appearance of Severn 2 is very consonant with the ideas of strict and perfect harmony.

Castle Severn 2 Floor standing speakers photo