Castle Richmond 7i Floor standing speakers

According to the words of the chief designer of Castle, in creating the new Richmond 7i all the available experience was used, which allowed them to improve their design. Bodies are assiduously designed and finished with luxurious natural veneer, even from the inside. The walls of the 18-mm MDF plates are reinforced with annular struts and damped with bitumen mats. Eight finishing options give complete freedom of choice for any interior. The quality of the drivers is worth to be mentioned separately. The tweeter with a 25mm silk dome was custom-made by Vifa, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-end drivers. A pair of 5-inch woofers is self-engineered. Their diffusers are woven from lightweight, but very durable carbon fiber, the magnetic system has an increased power. The crossover allows two-wire connection and is placed in a separate box in the lower part of the body - to protect against acoustic effects at low frequencies.

The tonal balance of Castle Richmond 7i loudspeakers seems lightweight, sometimes there is a shortage of the deepest bass. However, the brand features of this English brand come to the fore in full. The middle is incredibly transparent and rich in timbres, "live" instruments are reproduced very convincingly. The sound resolution is very high throughout the entire working range and only slightly decreases near the lower limit. With such a modest volume Richmond 7i demonstrate excellent dynamics. The spatial characteristics are worthy of special mention: the scene is three-dimensional, the images in it are clearly decorated and take the proper places.

Castle Richmond 7i Floor standing speakers photo