Castle Kendal Floor standing speakers

Many of those who are well acquainted with the products of the British Castle Acoustics, I think, will easily agree with the statement that one of the distinguishing features of the acoustic systems manufactured by the company is the constantly felt and somewhere even emphasized concern for the quality of their exterior finish, which is the most important component design style, oriented to a well-mannered and demanding taste. The miniature Kendal floorstanding speaker is by no means an exception to the venerable rule. To the characteristic tenderness that accompanied the external examination of a pretty couple, a feeling of slight confusion was added, generated by an intriguing fact: the subcompact speaker system has a low-frequency design of a closed type! That is, no passive radiators with their quality factors interfering with the activity of dynamic heads, only air elasticity concentrated in a small volume.

Many aspects of the sound image recreated by Castle Kendal loudspeakers deserve the most detailed comments, but most of all - those that are due to the peculiarities of its tonal balance. Often, the judgment about the relative decrease in the sound of a particular system of the role of low frequencies, regardless of its other, even brilliant, possibilities, is perceived by a superficial glance as a sentence not subject to appeal. As a result, a solid number of audiophiles are formed, forced to put up with the bass puffiness that is inevitable in small rooms, which essentially eliminates many of the advantages of excellent acoustic systems. The charming Kendal loudspeaker demonstrates, perhaps, one of the best ways to reconcile seemingly irreconcilable contradictions. Preserving all their constructive functions for low frequencies, the system very delicately moves the basses to the background, allowing the listener to enjoy the fullness of the variety of details that make up the essence of the sound image of the most refined instruments. Such expressive flute, oboe, violin is very rarely heard in the performance of a home speaker system. It seems that hearing without effort and even with some readiness forgives the weakening of the bass role. The reason here, of course, is not in the benevolent mood of the listener, but in the exact observance of the measure, in the excellent transmission of medium and high frequencies in its severity, in the very good transparency of the image as a whole. In this regard, we note that one should be careful about correcting low frequencies with an amplifier: an excessive artificial increase in the role of the bass negatively affects the transparency of the mids adequate expression is given to chamber classics, almost any vocal sounds very good. In general, if we neglect some modern styles that lose all stability without a powerful low-frequency ballast, the Kendal has no genre contraindications. Despite the high energy potential, it is unreasonable to use the system for scoring large spaces.

Castle Kendal Floor standing speakers photo