Heco Vitas 500 Floor standing speakers

The speakers of three-band Heco Vitas 500 loudspeaker are located by symmetrical scheme and have paired magnetic systems. The upper one radiates bass and the middle band, the lower one - only bas (work in interconnected volumes). A ribbed surface of diffusers is typical - this is made to increase their rigidity and to reduce distortions. An acoustic lens, which corrects sound, is installed before a titanium dome of the tweeter; in the "engine" of the head there is a highly efficient magnet. Speakers are magnito-shielded. Few reinforcing struts, sound absorbent contribute to the consolidation of the body made of 20-mm MDF. Vitas 500 connectors are adapted for connection of only naked cable. The company worked out the form of bass-reflex tubes so that noise of air stream does not interfere with the audition. The speaker systems rely on the legs of the distinctive shape (plastic).

Sound. Vitas 500 produces deep, tight, clear and fast bass. Bass foundation impressively appears particularly in the transfer of orchestral things and modern electronic forms. Music image is volumetric, spacious. The stage is expressively detailed. Tonal balance is in general neutral. The system presents acoustic timbres (piano, violin, guitar, voice) a bit simplistically - perhaps, because of excessive activity on tops (sonorous top, light coloring). Dynamical resource of the German pair impresses: the speaker systems can play massively, loud and at the same time comfortably; the sound of Vitas does not cause fatigue.

In general, the system is universal. Subwoofer's support to the front Vitas 500 may be not necessary in theatre (for the first time; then, you can add an active sub to the system from, for example, the same line: Vitas Sub 25A).

Heco Vitas 500 Floor standing speakers photo