HECO Aleva 400 Floor standing speakers

Speaker systems are not only important components of audio set, but also noticeable elements of an interior so many things are depend on their appearance. Perhaps, the developers of speaker systems of the company "HECO" have gained a big experience in the studying of consumer reactions - otherwise nothing can explain a perfect visual look of new floor speaker systems Aleva 400. They are absolutely indifferent to the interior style as they will decorate and add any space.

It is worth mentioning that the technical stuffing of Aleva 400 is also thought out as their appearance. No wonder they answer the firmed philosophy of Sophisticated sound! Three speakers operate in the body made of rigid MDF construction with bass-reflex design: two midbass with paper diffusers and 25-mm tweeter with soft dome, double magnet and concentric horn waveguide.

A unique feature of Aleva 400 construction is availability of the high frequencies' filter, at turning on of which the correction of amplitude in the section of tweeter on -2dB happens. Each speaker system has an additional acoustic terminal, at connection to which by one of busses a filtration realizes. This function allows you to align frequency and tone balance for different acoustic conditions, connection schemes and personal preferences of a listener.

HECO Aleva 400 is completely unpretentious to the choice of amplifier and obedient load for almost any amplifier of AV-receiver, so that the widest space for creative researches opens. You just need to keep in mind that an original sound signature of the speaker systems shouldn't be adjusted by external equalizer; otherwise the peak loadings on the dynamic heads can damage them. If soul ask for air or on the contrary "meat", it will be better to find the amplifier with a matching character (and at the same time to experiment with acoustic cable of different construction). However, to transform the sound of Aleva 400 beyond recognition can hardly be managed and if such a desire arises, it will be easier then to change the speaker systems. Well, whose, who will be satisfied with a solid and impartial manner, long hours of pleasure will be waiting for. Actually the indifference of this acoustics is affected - it can be quite emotional, but, truly, always staying in the frames of decency and preventing to tantrums. In the disabled mode of HF-filter an early decline of AFC on the basses is registered and sound picture "glazes"; however, it is enough to throw the signal cable on the additional connector (using thereby the filter) an the tone balance is noticeably flattened. Now MF-section goes to the forefront, giving the possibility to access the familiar record in a slightly different tint. Aleva 400 distinguishes by the tune of sounding and "digests" absolutely any music styles. The only exception is jazz compositions and orchestral tracks, which require wider dynamic range, however in any case the speakers are ready to give main thing - the mood of music and for the technical details of phonation you are welcome in other price category.

HECO Aleva 400 Floor standing speakers photo