KEF Cresta 30 Floor standing speakers

Low 18-litre KEF Cresta 30 weights a lot for its volume, although there are no any special struts in MDF body. But there is a lot of sintepon sound absorbent. On the rear panel there is an original bass-reflex port with elliptical cross section; a hand freely gets through its deep and spacious port. Note that, apparently, the parameters of resonator are well consistent with the driver's parameters. Due to the increased requirements to a single 130-mm LF/MF-driver, its designers took care to expand the range of displacements of action part (long-stroke sound coil Long Throw). The same mid-woofer is installed in shelf KEF Cresta 10. On the tweeter's magnet with a silk dome membrane there even three marks, indicating technical test inspection - tested. Separate connection of bands is possible. Spikes are rolled into the bottom. Magnetic shielding is not provided.

Judging by sound character, KEF Cresta 30 belongs to a wide class of loudspeakers, occupying as if an intermediate place between floor and delicate shelf speaker systems. Great, tonally balance sound makes it related to a shelf system, and quite impressive, resistant bass - to a floor one. The bass is so impressive that at volume increase it becomes to shade the higher spectral areas. However, playing in the mode of comfortable listening, the loudspeaker confidently solves difficult musical tasks among which are detailing elaboration of multi-instrumental classical compositions, accurate nuances of vocal parts. Relative modesty of LF potential makes the creation of large spacious effects difficult; in this regard the stage's image is more adequate than chamber forms.

KEF Cresta 30 Floor standing speakers photo