KEF Coda 10 Floor standing speakers

KEF Coda 9.2 performed well in the test for floor speaker system. Its features were accurate, although not deep bass, slightly emphasized intonations at high frequencies. If not go into details, you can agree that the same factors of organization of sound image are also typical for KEF Coda 10. But, as often happens, the roots of essential identity are hidden exactly in details... Exactly due to the details, the mentioned combination of features, rarely considered as an advantage, in the case of Coda 10 got the meaning of self-sufficient value. The British pair showed pleasant, unobtrusive, very harmonious sound. The slight emphasize on high frequencies is perceived here as the result of the director's vision, which the listener easily accepted, albeit he keeps his beliefs in his heart... There is the feeling of amazing detailing of tops that seems to open some new facets of composition' expression. KEF Coda 10 impartially transfers vocal expressiveness and easily - instrumental solo. The effect, caused by reduce of sensitivity at the frequencies lower 400 Hz, was curiously perceived. It seemed that low frequencies slightly stepped back in order to leave more space for overtones coming with expression. Such impression arose more often at the playing of fragments of modern electronic music.

KEF Coda 10 Floor standing speakers photo