KEF Q7 Floor standing speakers

We have tested most of 11 models of Q series from the British company "KEF". Now there is Q7 - a floor speaker system. The system presents one of the latest modifications of the branded Uni-Q technology. The horn of aluminum dome of the tweeter damps the reflection of HF-stream from the surface of woofer/midrange diaphragm. The form of polymer membrane of the woofer, Race Track, was born out of the desire of the engineers to increase its radiating surface without extension of the front panel. An oval shaped head works for the back bass-reflex of the same form, coaxial system - for front one. A horizontal lap divides the internal volume of Q7 between LF and MF/HF. The body is mechanically inert due to the flexion of walls (set during compaction), usage of rib stiffeners and abundance of sound-absorbing material.

Sound signature of the branded Uni-Q system is detected immediately. The images in middle and high registers are perfectly focused and localized in the space. On MF/HF spectrum interval KEF Q7 draws a graphical picture of music remarkably accurate and artistic, like engraver's needle. This is a strikingly correct, intelligent behavior line of the true Briton. Actions of Q7 in the field of middle and deep bass are not always successful: natural or artificial (organized by the amplifier) dynamic gains sometimes cause ripple of nonlinearity. Foam "gags" (included) significantly weaken this effect. Upper bass is always strict and joins with the MIDs smoothly. Q7 is exquisitely sensitive in tonal area essentially due to air-silken high frequencies.

Chamber music and jazz (acoustic) are congenial to Q7. Apartments should be of average size, for sounding of witch the speaker systems won't gonna have to "force the voice".

KEF Q7 Floor standing speakers photo