Wharfedale Crystal 40 Floor standing speakers

Wharfedale Crystal 40 is a 2.5-way speaker system. All the elements of the construction are well-made - body, drivers, crossovers. The drivers with Kevlar diffusers in this price category are not already rare (in no small measure due to efforts of Wharfedale), but the tweeters with neodymium magnets are still rarity. Spectral content higher 400 Hz is smoothly filtered from the signal, intended for only low-frequency head. The crossover is built on electrolytic capacitors and coils with ferrite cores. Inside the massive body there are ribs and sound absorbent. Bi-wiring and bi-amping is available. Magnetic shielding of the drivers is not provided, but this is not a hot topic for front pair. Spikes are included.

The speaker systems have very impressive bass. And in this case we are talking not about quite typical for inexpensive floor speaker systems artificially "bloated splendor", but low-frequency power is always felt. It elastically, with good pressure and, perhaps, slight tonal emphasize elaborates the content of the upper part of bass register, delicately touching deeper matters. In the end there is a feeling of full sound. Emerging domination in favor of upper bass is compensated by the energy of juicy upper frequencies with good resolution. The sound is alive and very interesting. And the attractiveness of sound image of Wharfedale Crystal 40 does not decrease at signal increase. Detailed, with separating saxophone "roughness" game with wide, close to the listener stereo panorama will be of interest of many audio lovers regardless of their music addictions, especially of whose, who is going to build home theatre.

Wharfedale Crystal 40 Floor standing speakers photo