Wharfedale Diamond 10.7 Floor standing speakers

Junior series Wharfedale Diamond has always been famous for great sound and quite affordable price. The latest reincarnation of this series in the Diamond 10 line also kept the long-term reputation of Diamond. Externally the new series began to look more solid. We will discuss Diamond 10.7 in our test.

Four different drivers are installed in the speaker system. Tweeter with soft dome and neodymium magnet is protected from mechanical damages by metal grid. Its operating frequency reaches up to 30 kHz. MF-driver is also dome with the diameter of 50 mm. Such drivers work most carefully in MF-area. Low frequencies are distributed among two different drivers with Kevlar diffusers. Driver's baskets are made of high density polymer and perfectly muffle ring waves. They are quite open in order to prevent the air flow.

Sound. This is a product from the category of "take off hand"! Perfect balance of all aspects of sound reproduction, multiplied by the aristocratism of music style - that's the sound of Diamond 10.7. During sound examination there was always the thought that a real cost of these speaker system is significantly higher than the nominal. Tone evenness, fine detailing (especially in the area of microdynamics), wide dynamic range, greatly natural, balanced, informative and airy musical scene - all of these impresses. It is a truly universal model for a wide range of consumers.

Wharfedale Diamond 10.7 Floor standing speakers photo