Wharfedale Diamond 9.4 Floor standing speakers

Diamond 9.4 is two-way speaker systems with 25mm cloth tweeter and single 165mm mid-bass. For finish Wharfedale used the material, which by touch reminds rough ground aluminum. The sidewalls of the body are curvilineal and bass-reflex is implemented in the form of two pipes, which are on the front panel on quite high level, not near the floor. There are carbon fiber diffuser of the woofer, large terminals with gilt jumpers and high adjustable spikes.

I would call the sound of Diamond 9.4 as "spinous". The speaker systems pleases by fast, energetic dynamics, raise a lot of nuances throughout the range, including in basses (that is not typical for budget systems) and generally sound hot - without "rubber", whining and booming. Their strict and detailed basses stand out in such a way that the rest of the range is as if slightly shaded, making the overall sound a bit "dark". But this is the semblance. The musical balance is very good - you won't miss any nuance in the middle case, tops please by clarity and comfort of sound.

Wharfedale Diamond 9.4 Floor standing speakers photo