Mordaunt-Short Avant 904 Floor standing speakers

The 904 model is part of the full-scale Avant line, which is new this year. The structure of the series almost completely repeats the structure of the well-established Declaration family on the market: in a completely similar way, the "identification" number corresponds to the hierarchical status of the model. One of the notable features of Avant acoustics is the new woofers / midrange drivers, the diffusers of which are made according to one of the latest modifications of the proprietary CPC (Continious Profile Cone) technology: to give greater bending rigidity, radial "ribs" appeared on the concave aluminum dome. Inch aluminum tweeter diaphragms are protected by metal "anti-vandal" meshes. All Avant models are magnetically shielded. On the facades there are metal plates that hide the fasteners of the drivers. The design has changed with a plus sign: it is almost impossible to distinguish the unique finish of 16 mm MDF walls with a polymer film (Honey Maple) from natural veneer. If you fill the ballast compartment, then in terms of mass, the 904 model will give odds to another three-lane "big man". The idea of "soft" filtration (first order) goes back to the most ancient traditions of the company with almost forty years of experience. The speakers are mounted on extravagant, paw-like supports, into which, if desired, spikes can be screwed (included).

Easily builds Avant 904 "castles in the air" of sound images. Cozy-fluffy high frequencies, full-fledged-meaningful mids, tactful shallow bass. As for the latter, it is valuable that the pair does not seek to compensate for the lack of depth with a buzzing 100-Hz accent - it does what it can, does it well and without negative consequences for the quality of the mid-frequency register ... If you pester the acoustics with excessive signal levels, it will respond with an increase in brightness, but without an unpleasant aggression. The horse of the system is chamber molds. But for those who appreciate the subtle play of colors, halftones, light and shadow, any style will sound attractive in her performance.

Mordaunt-Short Avant 904 Floor standing speakers photo