Mordaunt-Short Avant 908i Floor standing speakers

The loudspeakers Mordaunt-Short Avant 908i are the flagship of 900-th line of English company; they replaced the reputable model with index of 908. The appearance of the acoustics stays the same: slim narrow bodies, elegant aluminum panel, where the firmed MF-speakers made by CPC technology (continuous cone profile) are fixed, and the tweeter, covered with a neat metallic mesh. Mordaunt-Short Avant 908i has a complete three-way construction, but to find a low-frequency head you have to look at the side wall. The 25-cm woofer, the diffusor of which is made of reinforced paper, perched at the bottom part of the system. It is loaded on a tiny bass reflex port, being placed behind. Each speaker system is installed on four plastic legs and the spikes are screwed in them for mechanical decoupling from a floor. Mordaunt-Short Avant 908i are finished with a vinyl film, three color decisions are available - black, maple and Calvados. What changes have been made in variant of the product with the letter "i"? First of all it is the body's calculation - it got new internal drafts allowing to increase more the rigidity. Moreover, the crossover setting was made over again, and this, according to the manufactures, must have a positive impact on transparency and mobility of the sound in all parts of the range. In addition to the mentioned modifications Mordaunt-Short Avant 908i also got other terminals for the connection to an amplifier, and they are very similar to those which are used in the most expensive acoustics - Performance series.

As the low-frequency speaker in Mordaunt-Short Avant 908i is located on the side wall you should place the speaker systems in such position when the heads are faced on each other. One more recommendation:try to have some reflective surface between the woofers - this will help to make the attack in LF-range maximally distinct.

Firstly I pay attention to the fact that the inexpensive amplifier grooves easily the speaker systems - this fact cannot but rejoice. Piano timbre is brilliant, the sound differs by liveliness and mobility, the transparency is also at the top. Apparently, the engineers could successfully face challenges. Excellent detailing in HF never develops into sharpness. Mordaunt-Short Avant 908i obviously copes with strings - the sound is focused and quick and the groups of instruments are clearly divided into both timbre and placement in space. The rhythmic of loudspeakers' sound signature has especially beneficial impact on playing of heavy "rock" things - Megadethjust rushes into the listening room. The speaker systems demonstrate the great attack, the drums are almost alive. Bass is surprisingly deep and well defined.

Shift fine apparently inured Mordaunt-Short Avant 908i - quite confident processing of tones was added to high detailing and fire rate of sound. The speaker systems sound really impressively for its price category.

Mordaunt-Short Avant 908i Floor standing speakers photo