Jamo E750 Floor standing speakers

E7 series of the famous Danish company has become famous before it hit store shelves - exactly this series in 2004 receive EISA reward in the nomination of "Home Theatre Loudspeaker". Floor standing loudspeakers Jamo E750 are three-way. On the faceplate there is only a dome fabric tweeter and a small fiberglass mid-woofer. On the back wall above the port of bass reflex there is also a third driver - 140-mm woofer. In E750 not only the body with beveled panels is interesting, but also a powerful front plate, which is the body of ... tweeter (the patented Decoupled Tweeter Technology).

The trumps of Jamo E750 are sound resolution throughout the range and slightly moved away from the listener, but very spacious and subtly localized sound stage. The playback of midrange band pleases by the neatness and its "purity" - there is no even a hint on color. Bass is also good for the loudspeakers of such size: smooth, legible, without compression (except the bottom band). But, speaking about discants, we liked them less. High frequencies are transferred neutrally (due to DTT), but the sound is not perceived as natural. The upper range needs a bit more openness and transparency, which are so appreciated among audiophiles.

Jamo E750 Floor standing speakers photo