Floor standing speakers Boston Acoustics CR97

Speakers Boston Acoustics CR97 is magnetically shielded and reinforced internal housing ties. The front panel is locked metal grill. In the column drivers established firm Boston - squeaker Kortec with 19 mm metal dome and enlarged to 175-millimeter-diameter woofer c patented design of the magnetic system DCD. As you can see, the U.S. did not deviate from the experts at "the monitor" two-lane concept even in floor-standing speakers. Of course, a simple circuit with only two speakers helped the new model to inherit the main advantage of the entire series CR - low price.

But this solution has a downside. Lack of third band greatly complicates the preparation of linear sound large floorstanding speaker. Developers have to choose between the transmission quality mid-frequency band and the amount of low bass. Here is a compromise and can be seen on the example of speakers Boston Acoustics. Rise in frequency response 70 - 200 Hz evokes a feeling full tight bass. And even more - we have the sound CR97 what is called the "meat". But the dish, it should be noted, has turned harsh - with boomy notes. Nonlinear character of the American system and shows in the upper band. In a wide range from 3 to 10 kHz, the relative order prevails (coloring is negligible), but significantly higher treble accentuated. The effect is familiar to every fan to twist the handle Bass and Treble in the plus (although he emphasized not to the extent that the CR97 can be reproached for impaired tonal balance). Will not condemn - perhaps the most reasonable and justifiable approach in the design of outdoor speakers cost less than $ 500. This sounds good sells itself - the buyer seem convincing and bottoms, and the top, but who prevents to use the same tone-for easy correction minus? So much flaws in these budget speakers I do not see. After addition CR97 have very high sound resolution, decent headroom and authentically recreate the sound stage space.

Boston Acoustics CR97 Floor standing speakers photo