HECO Victa 701 Floor standing speakers

New Victa 701 is outwardly little different than its predecessor. However, the speaker systems have undergone quite deep internal revision: body rigidity is increased, wiring is changed, and drivers are improved. LF-drivers are equipped with diffusers made of the pressed cellulose with reinforced wood fibers. Due to the powerful magnetic system and 25-mm sound coil with kapton frame, they are able to create higher sound pressure with less distortions. The dome of 25-mm tweeter is made of artificial silk and placed into a small horn, which extends a polar pattern. Special attention was paid to crossover - its hardware components were improved, bi-wiring and bi-amping are provided.

As previously tested HECO Victa 700, new loudspeakers differ by coalescence of playing (it's very difficult to tie four speakers together in a budget system) and expressed scale. Low frequencies are quite movable, with good energy and speeds. Only near the bottom border you may feel some loss of intelligibility.

The sound of HECO Victa 701 is extremely linear and accurate in the main part of the spectrum and the middle is just exemplary - naturalness of voice is very high for speaker systems of such price. Significant clams to the tweeter were not found, but sound stage could be more balanced in such marvelous systems.

HECO Victa 701 Floor standing speakers photo