Jamo E850 Floor standing speakers

The motto of the Danish company, Jamo is "Let's get personal" - which essentially means that, in developing its acoustics, the company strives to take the "human factor" into account as much as possible in the sense of catering to the variety of "acoustic needs". This task isn't exactly trivial. But in Denmark, they are truly able to make good acoustics... The new E8 Series includes six different models. The E850 is stylish and slim. The speakers are adorned by a plastic visor on the top panel, which probably also helps to solve acoustic problems. 2.5-way scheme is served by a pair of drivers with composite cones and plastic nozzles on a core (signals sent to one of them are gradually trimmed by the filter at the bottom middle, and the second head unit lights up the lower middle portion) and a silk dome diaphragmed tweeter. The unit's legs look funny and original, bolted to a rigid body with screws. The flexible decorative mask (which can be bent at least by 90°) fits like a glove - it is useful to reduce edge diffraction effects. Three options for exterior finish with a polymer film are provided.

The tonal consistency of particulars in the sound image produced by E850 seems perfect. But this edge of the Danish acoustics should be taken for granted. The precision graphics of quiet sounds grabs attention, allowing to penetrate the inner sanctum of musical creation. The image breathes easily, causing you to quickly believe in the reality of the concert hall, where sounds are born, live and die. The bass, as changing as mercury, always takes a position strictly dictated by the musical context, reaching the proper measure of "killing power" in the rock genre and managing the lower frequencies of symphonies smartly. You may not be submerged to the bottom of the frequency range, but the accuracy of the lower-middle frequency bundle seems to allow to preserve the emotional essence of all instruments of the low frequencies. A little extra brightness of the timpani does not detract from the merits of the purest mid-range - the violin is sonorous, the woodwinds persuasive and eloquent. The classical soprano timbre is extremely saturated with colors, rich with intonations. The piano is equally level everywhere, with no obvious off-tune notes. Large dynamic changes have practically no effect on the balance of the audio aspects of the soundscape created by the Danish system: the basses "grow stronger" in proportion, the mid-range grows larger...

There is no reason to talk about any genre priorities of E850. Massive bass "pumping" in real living conditions only alienates you from the actual musical subject. Note that very stable parameters of the input resistance of the system make it undemanding to the choice of the amplifier.

2.5-way speaker system with bass-reflex type. Dimensions - 862x175x326 mm (34" x 6.7" x 12.8"), weight 15.3 kg (33 lbs). Speakers: two 140-mm (5,5 inch) drivers and tweeter with 25mm (1 inch) silk dome. Crossover frequencies - 400 Hz, 2.0 kHz. Nominal electric power -140 watts, nominal impedance - 6 ohms, minimum - 2.8 ohms.

Price: $545
Jamo E850 Floor standing speakers photo