Mission MX5 Floor standing speakers

Impressive by sizes Mission MX5 speaker systems are also incredibly heavy - in the assembled condition the weight of each speaker system is almost 30 kg. These British three-way speaker systems are equipped with four branded emitters with artful interlinking arrangement (the developers call it Inverted Driver Geometry). In the upper part of the body there is a mid-high-frequency section and an inch tweeter is installed under mid-bass with 6,5 inch diffuser. In accordance with calculations such configuration brings the character of radiation of MF/HF part to a point source. Dual 165 mm woofers provide a solid foundation of sound, because they are able to play bass starting from 40 Hz. In addition to the advantages of this pair we should mention a precise crossover filter, made on audiophile components, and internal wiring with oxygen-free copper cable.

Mission MX5 confidently convey powerful dynamical contrasts, although, generally, their sound can be called ordered and calm. Tonal balance is aurally perceived to be quite smooth, without serious deviations. Low-frequency potential of Mission MX5 is sufficient for the medium-sized rooms, but you involuntarily expect from such volumetric body a bit more confident subsonic component. A small nuance is the fact that you can notice slight signs of monotony at difficult parts of double-bass. Upper band is opened, but the most airy components of playing are slightly veiled - to improve the intelligibility of the playback you should direct the speaker systems exactly on the listener. The sound stage is sufficient in width, but not very deep. At the same time the positions of main instruments are fixed correctly.

Mission MX5 Floor standing speakers photo