Mission M73 Floor standing speakers

Mission m73 is the younger sister of m74. With a slightly smaller body it has not two but one driver and, consequently, half the internal volume necessary for work. Therefore, the rest part of the body is, in fact, an improvised stand, the properties of which can be significantly improved by filling it with ballast, for what there is a removable lid from the rear.

Note the convex semicircular front wall and traditional for Mission plastic overlay that minimizes diffraction. The tweeter is below the woofer and this, according to the developers, should lead to greater "phase peace".

Bass-reflex tube with the diameter of 60 mm is placed on the back wall and the kit includes a foam stopper, with the help of which the loudspeaker's sound character can be changed depending on its location relatively to walls of a room. The body's walls are quite thick - 16 mm, which in combination with relatively small volume decrease side-tones. Bi-wiring is provided. Spikes are in the kit too.

Listening. Timbral balance is slightly shifted down. Midbass is accented in the area of 200 Hz. At the installation close to wall, this tendency can be excessively increased and then you will have to experiment with foam stoppers. Amazing abundance of high-frequency details at low levels is changed by dryness and even some impaction at high amplitudes. With an abundance of bass there is a whole range of colors in the area of MIDs. I would call it a kind of dynamical dependence. In addition, you feel a slight fracture in the area of 2 kHz, where the character of sound harshly changes.

Voices tend to brightness, but are slightly blocked. The strong side is transfer of emotional tints and mood swings. Vulgar simplification is absolutely absent, but at the same time there is a little lack of sophistication.

Bass is stable, deep and controllable. A slight propensity to boom is easily neutralized by the use of ballast.

Mission M73 Floor standing speakers photo