Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 Floor standing speakers

Diamond Wharfedale line traces its history back to 1981 and has undergone significant changes for more than 30 years. Diamond 8.3 (junior floor speaker system in the line) is equipped with two speakers. The details of tweeter are: silk dome, neodymium magnetic system; ferrofluid does not allow the head to overheat. A yellow Kevlar cone of midrange/woofer driver distinguishes in the model's look. Kevlar suppresses standing waves and resonances of the membrane, which is moved by the coil with two layers of wire (vented construction); the suspension is made of rubber. A terminal end on the core makes sound more widely directed. The heads are magneto-shielded (by compensating magnet and steel cap). A frontal placement of the bass-reflex port is convenient. There are two pairs of input connectors and the hole for filling with bulk ballast (closed by a plastic cap) behind. The sound of Diamond 8.3 was highly appreciated by the native British press for several times.

The speaker systems show a perfectly balanced sound. It seems that it has the best features of English sound: analysis, natural and accurate balance, the richness of intonational relations, grace of detailing, special plastic, gentility and gloss. Is it too strong a word for such inexpensive model? Not at all, it deserves it. Deep and very correct bass (fragments of orchestral, organ records) impresses. The speaker systems do not miss miniature details and perfectly play significant amplitude rises; when you change volume, the clarity of image and personal sound signature persist. At playing classic music the model pleases by the vibes of "live" acoustic timbres. In air, special panorama pure sound beauties combine with visual (accurate localization of sound sources).

Diamond 8.3 is the device with very high potential. A musically demanding listener will appreciate it. This is quite a universal model with perfect price/quality ratio.

Wharfedale Diamond 8.3 Floor standing speakers photo