Canton GLE 476 Floor standing speakers

Canton GLE 476 is 2.5-way speaker system with the bass reflex. Two 180-mm drivers with diffusers from aluminum alloy, made by own technology, sound bass area and lower middle. They are mounted on flexible sinusoidal rubber suspension (Wave Surround technology), with the help of which a significant shift of diffuser is achieved with minimal distortions. The construction of an inch tweeter can be called traditional. Lightweight fabric dome, which is placed in shallow horn for better dispersion, is among the advantages. For convenience a removable grill can be mounted on the back wall of the body.

Sound. First of all, I should note transparency and perfect energy of sound in whole. Tonal balance of Canton GLE 476 is slightly raised, but this doesn't affect overall harmonious interpretation of musical material. The middle is drawn in surprisingly expressly, with truthful (albeit chilly) presentation of timbres. Dynamical potential allows avoiding audible compression even at very high volume. Bass is sufficient by depth, quite-firing and distinct in terms of structure. At the building of sound stage you should focus on accurate placement of speaker systems in relation to the listener. In this case the space will be really three-dimensional and envelop.

Canton GLE 476 Floor standing speakers photo