Mission SX3 Floor standing speakers

Mission SX3 are compact floor standing speaker systems, designed for work in small rooms. These are the two-way speaker systems with bass-reflex and two small ports, placed on the back wall. The location of speakers is almost symmetrical that allows achieving better polar pattern. These are two bass heads of relatively small diameter (130 mm) with the diffusers made of aluminum alloy and an inch tweeter with extended up to 40 kHz frequency band. Special attention was paid to minimization of internal resonances of the body - for this they have non-parallel side walls and the massive lower base plate effectively isolates the speaker systems from the floor surface.

The sound of Mission SX3 is incredibly smoothly and perfectly adjusted in registers. It is extremely organized, with brisk dynamics and wide frequency range. A small priority is given to the edges of working band, but this feature won't be very noticeable in damped rooms. Resolution is generally high, there are no problems with detailing even at the work with audiophile phonograms. Bass register is moderately deep and natural in relief, critical side-tones of bass-reflex ports were not noticed. Sound stage is close to the listener and slightly increased in scale; meanwhile, there are no claims to the accuracy of positioning of the images.

Mission SX3 Floor standing speakers photo