Yamaha NS-B700 Bookshelf speakers

Yamaha NS-B700 are equipped with 30-mm tweeter of original design. The main feature of the branded DC-Diaphragm technology is that the dome and frame of sound coil are a single unit. This solution contributes to more effective heat removal and increases sound resolution.

A small in the diameter woofer (100 mm) is equipped with a conical membrane made of the patented Advanced PMD (Advanced Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm) composite, which is widely used in different models of the company. This is the polymer with the addiction of mica particles, providing high internal damping to the material.

The body of monitors is finished with grand piano lacquer (brown veneer is also available) and there is a special mount to facilitate wall mounting.

In working band Yamaha NS-B700 show extreme openness and very high resolution. The tweeter is brilliant in most cases - everything is accurate and detailed. But sibilants are sometimes too emphasized, but this doesn't prevent listening. The dynamics is significantly pressed and basses are limited in depth - a sub is required for proper playback. However, you shouldn't expect anything more from these babies.

The speaker systems literally get lost in space that makes them an ideal variant for back channels of home theatre. The stage at the same time is ordered and quite correct by scale.

Yamaha NS-B700 Bookshelf speakers photo