Yamaha NS-6490 Bookshelf speakers

It's hard to imagine how it was possible to create such cool three-way shelf speakers with a minimal budget, but Yamaha has already succeeded in this. The design has a lot of interesting details. A large thin-walled case is sealed and deprived of a port, so there is no way out for side-tones formed inside the case. Thanks to a light paper laminated diffuser, the 20-cm woofer covers almost the entire voice range (up to 2500 Hz). The 10-cm mid-driver has a coil cooled with ferromagnetic liquid and a very hard suspension (impregnated fabric) - it reproduces the band up to 8 kHz. The tweeter is a balanced dome made of polymer, covered with an aperture body to expand the polar pattern.

Playback of Yamaha NS-6490 is initially discouraging. The tonal balance is far from ideal - upper middle is emphasized entirely. However, the more you listen to these loudspeakers, the more you find its advantages. With the bright character of the sound, they are very careful in the transfer of details and manage to extract the abyss of nuances in an extremely important for human hearing band. The lowest components are slightly pressed, but the main bass is a clear sample. It is remembered by a distinct attack and correct after-sounds. The upper range is slightly tinted, but also very informative.

Yamaha NS-6490 Bookshelf speakers photo