Monitor Audio Silver 500 Floor standing speakers

The first generation of Silver series speaker systems appeared in 1998, which almost immediately took the leading positions by volume of sales among products of the British brand. The reasons of such success were quite obvious - exactly in this series the company managed to achieve perfect balance between the quality of sound, elegancy of the finish and the price of loudspeakers. Since then each new generation of Silver series has consistently repeated and multiplied the achieved success. The developers from Monitor Audio say about serious changes almost in all aspects of loudspeakers' construction, which make up Silver line of the sixth generation. We estimate the changes using Silver 500 as the example.

Monitor Audio Silver 500 are large three-way floor speaker systems with a pair of long-stroke drivers with the diameter of 203 mm in bass section, one mid-range driver with the diameter of 102 mm and a dome "golden" inch tweeter. The recognized authority in the field of manufacturing technologies of diffusers from metal, Monitor audio company, used all its 40-years old experience in order to create an updated version of conic C-CAM diffuser for Silver series. The used aluminum-magnesium alloy with ceramic coating provides unprecedented rigidity of such cone, giving significant advantages by sound characteristics in comparison with traditional diffusers made of softer materials. Reinforced magnets and modernized voice coils are also used in drivers, which the models from new Silver series are equipped with, and this provides clear sound even at the listening at high volume levels.

In the lower part of rear wall of the body there are two pairs of powerful gilt spring terminals, allowing two-wire connection to an amplifier. Plates-connecting stripes, also covered with gilding, are very impressive. Protective grills are equipped with reliable magnetic fasteners, which do not violate the design of loudspeakers in the variant with open drivers. Traditionally, Monitor audio suggest a wide variety of d?cor of its speaker systems, which can satisfy the most demanding in terms of design client. As before, there are six finish variants for body of the 6th generation of Silver series.

While the listening the speaker systems Monitor Audio Silver 500 worked in tandem with the amplifier with built-in DAC Hegel H160. The source was the laptop, connected to the amp through USB. The Norwegian amplifier fully demonstrated the potential of Silver 500. The British brand feature - the use of metal in the design of drivers' diffusers - sometimes caused criticism for too sharp, sometimes coldly detached sound. The pleasant surprise was the fact that in the sixth generation of Silver series there were no grounds for criticism in this respect.

Monitor Audio Silver 500 shows very comfortable, warm feed, amazingly combining with the scale of sound and the ability to create, if desired, a truly grandiose sound canvas. Surely, a super ordinary Hegel amplifier makes considerable contribution in this result, but, nevertheless, we will venture to suggest that the main merit here belongs to the speaker systems. The smallest details of soundtrack keep the unity of the living organism, filling musical stage with that non-material substance, which is often called as "air". Corrective timbre interpretation of the material is able to afford a lot of pleasure to the lovers of different musical genres.

Monitor Audio Silver 500 Floor standing speakers photo