Canton SP 706 Floor standing speakers

Three self-engineered heads, combined into 2,5-way construction, are used per each floor Canton SP 706 speaker system. Midbass diffusers are made of aluminum alloy and the tweeter's dome - of an impregnated fabric. Slim bodies are equipped with rear bass-reflex ports of special profile. Side walls are made of a decent by thickness MDF plates, reinforced with internal struts.

Certain coolness in midrange is characteristic for Canton SP706 speaker systems, although the overall impression is quite favorable. They separate instruments accurately. Dynamical capabilities of the pair pretty correspond to its volume and are sufficient for correct playing of almost any musical genres. Low-frequency case firstly attracts by refined technique. Basses do not impress by a record depth, but at the same time they are fast, perfectly damped and differ by sharp attack. The tweeter made its contribution in overall sound color - sometimes you can notice the lightest lift in high frequencies. This primarily appears in some emphasize of noise loops and light sibilants in female vocal.

Sound stage is quite wide and doesn't have obvious gaps around the perimeter. However, sometimes there is the impression that the images of front line are slightly close to the listener.

Canton SP 706 Floor standing speakers photo