Canton Fonum 601 DC Floor standing speakers

Canton Fonum 601 DC is a bass-reflex three-way speaker system; the bass-reflex port is on the front panel. The speaker systems are high and slim (900x240x270 mm), well-made, of big weight. Metallic decorative grills are quite practical, give the importance and look quite appropriately. The reflectors on the faceplate are placed in the following order (from top to bottom): mid-range conical loudspeaker with the diameter of 200 mm, dome tweeter with the diameter of 25 mm, the woofer of 200 mm, under which there is a bass-reflex port. In long-term mode the system is designed for the consumption of 100W (nominal power), musical power is 150W. The frequency response, needless to say, is all good. Look at the range of 70-1500 Hz. Do you like it? And a good uniformity in this range means very much for accurate playing of the color of many musical instruments. Ask the experts of clarinet, fans of organ, lovers of horns and drums. But this doesn't mean at all that all the others will stay dissatisfied. The system perfectly shows the depth of piano, the sincerity of violin, the aroma of flute, the transparency of cymbals and the sharpness... of shards of a broken crystal. A smooth slope of the response in the area below 70 Hz looks very convincingly. The timely support of the bass reflex and DC-technology of the passive correction (Distortion Correction) affect here. In general, we noted as the result of the listening a high truthfulness of a wide specter of musical genres and compositions. The speaker systems also have a very good sensitivity - 92 dB. The directional characteristic is also not disappointing - the area of stereo effect is quite extensive. Judging by frequency dependence of input impedance module, the setting frequency of the bass reflex is 40 Hz. Minimal impedance is 4 Ohm, nominal meaning is 8 Ohm.

Canton Fonum 601 DC Floor standing speakers photo