KEF C7 Floor standing speakers

Two-way KEF C7 is older floor speaker systems in popular C series. Bass-reflex design is used here, but airy port has the form of chink which differs by minimal turbulence. A pair of identical heads with 165 mm diffusers made of pressed pulp plays the lower part of the range. And starting already from 2500 Hz the branded tweeter with aluminum dome, installed in the original Tangerine waveguide, kick into action. It's worth noting that the tweeter differs not only by original construction, but also is able to easily play the frequencies up to 40 kHz. At the connecting speaker systems to the amplifier there is the possibility of two-wire scheme, which the manufacturer considers as optimal.

Traditionally for KEF, the sound impresses with brilliant middle. Moreover, in this case we can talk not only about high linearity and allowing possibility in this register, but about certain audiophile sophistication. C7 speaker systems have quite impressive low-frequency register. Basses are good in both depth and relief. And due to believable attack these speaker systems are able to truly transfer even complex rhythmic patterns. Individual features of the system appear in the upper range - the highest components are a little more noticeable.

Full order is in sound scene. The images do not cover each other, the foreground is located exactly between speaker systems.

KEF C7 Floor standing speakers photo