KEF Q55.2 Floor standing speakers

The speaker systems of Q series with index of 2 are designed not only for use in theatre, but also for satisfying the needs of demanding representatives of audiophile society. The structural differences of Q55.2 from Q55 are very significant at visible outward similarity. A new membrane of coaxial Uni-Q driver got an additional rigidity, the topology of crossover filter has changed; MDF ligament of side and back panels is implemented inside quite lightweight for floor system body to reduce the level of vibrations and to complicate life for standing waves in closed air volume. Surely, here is not without the update in finish colors.

Received from control listening impressions tell of the similarity of sound characters of same-name systems from new and previous series, although we can't not to note some changes. First, this is about bass depth. Keeping an original elasticity of such low-frequency forms as drums and bass-guitar, KEF Q55.2 manages to keep the needed dynamical resolution even at significant volume increase. Only at very high levels basses begin to throw a shadow on MIDs. The tweeter's work is detailed and at the same time unobtrusive. Due to the fact that the branded coaxial driver hasn't changed too much, we didn't surprise at absolutely recognizable geometry of concert space. KEF Q55.2, designating the left and right edges of stage canvas, places the performers into well-read perspective. The effect of space depth is distinct. However, at audiophile recordings the stage tends to accurate chamber style.

You can build a theatrical "front" on the base of KEF Q55.2 and the best variant of central channel system will be a proprietary system due to good tonal coherence.

KEF Q55.2 Floor standing speakers photo