KEF Q35.2 Floor standing speakers

The two-way Q35.2 is based on the proprietary next generation Uni-Q coaxial driver - the developers from British KEF are well aware of the inexhaustibility of perfection. The diaphragm material has changed, which is visible to the naked eye through the pearlescent glow of the diaphragms. The ferrofluid cooling system of the high-frequency driver was retained, but the separation filters were completely redesigned (remember, in the Uni-Q coaxial driver, the tweeter is electrically separated from the MF/LF driver). With a very small weight of the speaker its cabinet is significantly "stiffened": the MDF bracing of the side and rear panels installed at an angle inside the cabinet significantly reduces the effectiveness of the stray radiation of the cabinet. The KEF Q35.2 is equipped with magnetic scattering field shielding of the driver. Also the new system, as expected, has acquired new "colors" (three variants).

The speakers play very "cozy". This characteristic seems to be the best definition of the state in which you sink under the influence of the Q35.2 sound, which is well balanced in all respects. From the solid bass and sonorous midrange to the detailed and clear treble, everything is well balanced and coherent. The feeling of comfort stays with the listener, regardless of the nature of the musical "material" provided by the Q35.2, and at rather "serious" volume levels, which in "civilized" company are still commonly referred to as "normal". The system creates an excellent image of the space, perfectly "feels" the scene, a good detail of which is maintained even at very low volumes, which is not often encountered. Settling in the optimal listening area - the speakers are aimed directly at you, you fully feel the depth of the scene, adequately removed in perspective, easily agree with the scheme of the imaginary sources distribution. Violation of the "normal" volume mode by excessively high signal levels leads to a noticeable decrease in the transparency of the sound image of the Q35.2 speakers, harsh tones appear at the top.

The speaker system is very good for presenting any chamber form, from classical to modern. The solo vocals sound charming. This does not mean that the Q35.2 cannot capture the spirit of a "real" symphony. Even dynamic rock is vividly and vividly embodied. Basically, the speakers plays everything, but at a "neat" volume. The size of the room does not matter (if it is not too big).

Two-way acoustic system of bass-reflex type. Dimensions - 752x209x280 mm, weight - 11 kg. Drivers: 160 mm driver with polymer cone, coaxial tweeter with 25-mm dome. Crossover frequency is 3 kHz. Peak electrical power-100 watts, nominal impedance-8 ohms.

Price: $560
KEF Q35.2 Floor standing speakers photo